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"As one of three original NeXT Board members, I am happy to see you guys keeping things going!! What do you think of Bud Tribble's and Andy's new Linux GUI enterprise??" John Pat Crecine

Refurbishing and tuning up, Pat's NeXT Cube was a fun and cool NeXT hardware restoration project. We honestly care about keeping as many of the NeXT's operational, as they are the coolest computer ever manufactured! Pat Crecine said he had a challenge mediating between the other 2 NeXT board members Steve Jobs and Ross Perot.

Interesting orders from one of the world’s foremost authorities on Black Holes, Kip Thorne a professor at CIT , at the time his presentation for NASA loomed large and he needed a Scanner driver called Scanomatic, he was humored as he searched the web and discovered the Black Hole, Inc. was the source for this NeXT product locally.

We enthusiastically repaired Tim Berners Lee NeXT Cube. Tim invented a little thing called: The World Wide Web and the http standard on a NeXT Cube while at Cern. He currently uses the completely refurbished NeXT Cube at MIT. Tim is President of the WWW Consortium and he sent me an autographed copy of Weaving Web that tells his amazing story. It is interesting to read and you can order it here at our bookstore.



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